Subject: Yes, perhaps!
Posted on: 2021-04-15 09:11:42 UTC

From my perspective, it looks like the existing Creativity Shields are raised more or less by Powers That Be -- authors requesting no fanfic for their verses, or the Flowers That Be in case of HQ's. While the, haha, Will experiment didn't quite work, I imagine installing a Creativity Shield takes an incredible amount of energy. I mean, if it was easy to just pop one up, then all any agent has to do on a mission is to Creativity Shield the fic and call it a day!

So then what could exist out there in the Multiverse that has enough energy to power a portable, non-PTB-fiat Creativity Shield? Would, say, multiple Eyes of Harmonies from different PPC TARDISes do the job? Or a week's output from DoDAEG (which probably wouldn't be a likely offering, given that depowering HQ for a week would be a Bad Idea)? Does a portable Creativity Shield need to work within the rules of the fic's continuum (so does it have to work with the magic system set up in MDZS)? Or does it have to work specifically with the fic being quarantined (do they hook up the overpowered Gary Stu character replacements claiming to be God and Creation in this fic to power the shield)?

Anyway, yes, I've assigned Lori and Bill to DAS-SWEAR as of the last-last mission (since I emailed you the previous Last Mission and then I found the new one for the Last-Last Mission, -deep sigh-). They're still working on de-Glitterification technology as a sort of collab between DAS-SWEAR and the MRD -- ten years of R&D on that has made de-Glitter tech look like death rays now!

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