Subject: I may be the only Boarder to have depicted any shields on page . . .
Posted on: 2021-04-15 14:28:31 UTC

. . . which feels weird, because I'm so used to finding forgotten details in archived spin-offs, I never expect anything I've written to contain anything unique!

In my interlude "Because We Like You", I wrote the following in describing the Nursery:

The walls of both the hallways and the social area were plastered with papers. Some were posters, or other official imagery from various canons, but the majority was fanart. Drawings ranged from crayon scribbles to impressively neat sketches and paintings. Fanfiction and poems were in multiple locations, clustered around quietly vibrating wall-mounted devices with soft lights, which Vania assumed to be short-range creativity shields.

I didn't put much thought into the actual mechanics behind them, since Creativity Shielding is such an abstract concept, and because it would have derailed the actual story. I also kept the description intentionally vague, since I didn't want to step on the toes of potential future developments in how the shields were portrayed. Which is the point we've reached, it seems!

So, yeah. If my presentation of the concept is useful to you, Lily, you're welcome to use it, but if not, you're welcome to disregard it and come up with something else. I would be happy to edit that scene of mine to make it match up to whatever develops!

—doctorlit has gone so long without writing, he remembered he had written that scene, but not whether he had published the story yet or not

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