Subject: Maybe intent matters?
Posted on: 2021-04-19 03:41:51 UTC

Meaning: why does an author quarantine their continuum? They're protecting something, whether it's their ideas or their money or both. The intent is to stop outsiders getting in.

What we want to do here is sort of the opposite of that—yeah, we want to stop the fic dragging stuff from other continua in, but to do that, we really want to stop the influence of the fic from getting out. Maybe whatever it is that we're setting up has to be reflected on the fic from places outside of it, probably the canons most heavily affected.

I'd reckon that's how the shield on FanFicVerse works, too. The effect is reflected on it from Headquarters in some way. Therefore, powered by DoDAEG. Possibly the effect itself is even generated by DoDAEG, tapping into the power of authors to protect their creations that most of them never bothered to use?

Walt Disney must be kept FAR away from this system; he'd drain the whole thing. {X D

But, maybe it's not just dead authors, seeing as we, the Boarders, certainly contribute to the FFVerse shield, right? Maybe that's not common knowledge around Headquarters, but it's never been a secret that some PPC agents have authors, though. Even if most of them prefer not to think too hard about it. {= )

... Okay, now I'm imagining Agent Neshomeh being approached by the DES and/or DoDAEG or someone being like, "Look, we know you're an explicit author insert. We need to borrow you for a little while so we can tap into the protective energies authors can exert over their IPs in order to stop this monster fic from breaking the multiverse. It won't hurt, promise."

Agent Neshomeh: "Uhhhh—"

"Great! Come along."

"Wait! I gotta talk to my partner first!"

"Oh, Civilian Phobos? Yes, he hasn't been an active author in these parts for a long time, but every little bit helps."

"That's not what I—!" /sigh/ "Okay, I'll ask him, but I don't think he'll be very keen... He's already got one, you see..."

Anyway, my point was that a node in HQ could be used in support of the nodes in the main continua affected by STWWX. It's not directly draining the energy that powers HQ, since that comes from the authors' spinning, and even though it's still not practical to do this for every bad fic, even the really bad ones (prolly 'cause dead authors have limited reserves of IP-protective powers?), this one is worth the cost.

I hope this barely coherent ramble helps someone else answer the question of what setting up the network would actually look like from node to node. ^_^;


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