Subject: I have a... suggestion, I guess?
Posted on: 2021-04-15 07:48:10 UTC

Since, as you say, creativity shields haven't really been deployed in the field before (my memory is that they're mainly used on Fanfic Land, around HQ, and on the works of authors who say no fanfic - honestly I'm not sure there's evidence for a device at all), why not make it highly experimental? Or, possibly even better - why not make them experimental?

The Department of Analytical Science has no doubt been working on trying to invent a functioning portable Creativity Shield since their inception. DAS-DAMP are probably the driving force behind it - they wrote about HQ's version before the department was even formed - but you know they're all trying to make their own version. The chemists think they've found a glitter-opaque gas, the astronomers want to use starsong (they're a mystic and a white hole, they get a bit strange), and even the archaeologists have been digging through records of Conan Doyle and Cervantes to figure out how they did it.

So my... suggestion? Offer? ... is that I lend you as much of DAS as you want to borrow, to bring every version they have into the field and try to set it up. They would (or could) need as much or as little help as you'd wish, depending entirely on what you wanted to write. (You could of course add more DAS agents if you needed them - and perhaps assign Bill and Lori a division? ^_^)


The Sunflower Official folded his fronds and gave off a distinct impression of a glower. Another Tangled Webs incident could be disastrous for the modern PPC. We need that Creativity Shield. Do I make myself clear?

The Thistle shifted uncomfortable. Sir, all our prototypes are, well, prototypes! I can't guarantee their stability in the field-

Don't be such a worrywart, the Flowering Leek chided, nudging her co-department-head in the stem. Ow, prickles; you really ought to shave those.

No. What? No. The Thistle turned to offer a pseudo-frown of his own. And I've told you before, science isn't like other disciplines - it doesn't work just because you want it to.

Flowers. The SO leant forward across his desk. I don't want to hear about your problems. I want you to fix them. He paused for a humanoid heartbeat. So go fix.


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