Subject: [PLUG] Apples & Oranges 3: The Morphers (Animorphs/Cardcaptor Sakura, 1999)
Posted on: 2022-05-04 10:51:01 UTC

Welcome back to the far-off world of 1999, where the cops wore sashes, the agents wore permanent expressions of mild terror, and the SO wore a pinstripes suit (hey, not everything was different, I'm not a monster). This time, the PPC's only Animorphs experts* get chucked headfirst into a crossover between their canon and... something I know nothing about? Oh, yeah, this'll go well.

*Expertise not guaranteed.

Except it will, because in a rare (nowadays) turn for me, this is a cowrite with none other than Sergio Turbo! Yes, the PPC's two most dedicated writers of extremely long history-type stories with more characters than you can shake a laptop at have finally teamed up. Given our predilections, you'll be either relieved or disappointed to learn that we've managed to keep the mission under 7K words (plus a bit for notes and A Very Mkellin Mystery**).

**Which is cowritten with Lily Winterwood, so technically this is kind of a three-author crossover!

Apples & Oranges 3: The Morphers

As ever, we hope no canon knowledge is required - and we're even more confident this time, because we only know one of the colliding canons each. ^_^ Enjoy!


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