Subject: So, yeah. I took part in this thing. And a little announcement, I guess.
Posted on: 2022-05-04 16:12:35 UTC

And it has been tons of fun. Part of me is still incredulous at the fact I've somehow ended up shoehorning a character of mine into a pivotal point of PPC history (and a character thad had barely any screentime until now!) but... yeah, it happened!

Now, the announcement part. I had officially left the Board in 2017 following some happenings (which I won't go in details about because Drama Is Bad, so please don't inquire about it.). However, a lot of things have changed since them (I barely recognize some names here now!) and I still love the PPC worldbuilding so I've decided to give the Board another chance. So, yeah. I guess I'm officially back

Not that I was actually truly gone at any point as I kept posting my stuff here (and will for the foreseeably future, of course!).

I don't think I'll ever write a "true" mission within an actual badfic again (the one in this collaboration was completely made up by hS and yours truly), and don't expect me to be super active as I've always been a bit of the quiet person, but I'll hang around and I'm not against writing more PPC-focused things. Maybe even missions, as long as the badfic is made up - my view on fiction has changed, and I'm not really into picking apart other people's works anymore, but as I said the PPC shared universe is a place I just love.

My focus will be, of course, on The World Without Authors though. It's a big project, but it doesn't mean I won't write other things as well! As hS can attest, I get easily distracted by shiny new ideas, and proof is this very story.

So, i'm back, hello everyone!

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