Subject: A theory, on why Dafydd remains Dafydd (not Maglor).
Posted on: 2022-05-04 21:28:49 UTC

And all the other agents who disguise their origin in the early days of HQ. There's a brief discussion of this at the end of the mission, but they don't go into why.

My theory is that in the early PPC, including 1999, there was a certain degree of prejudice based on your origins. Not in an official way, of course - of course not, right? - but all-pervading. The undercurrent is that agents from World One are the "realest" people in HQ - this would include the Flowers, of course. After them come the natives of fictional worlds - they're all right, but they're not exactly, y'know, proper people. Then, right at the bottom, come recruits from badfics - the ones who, ewww, were created by a writer.

This would account for the likes of Dafydd and Morgan, who pretend to be human - because anything else means you're definitely not on that top level, and might well be a badfic character. A certain agent from this mission would qualify too. And it would work well with the point someone (doc?) noted in a PPC+20 thread that it feels like the 2002 PPC mostly recruited from World One. Yes, they did draw from elsewhere - but people don't like to talk about that.

Once Jay and Acacia started actively recruiting badfic characters, while at the same time breaking down the walls of misunderstanding between departments, the prejudice mostly disappeared - because most PPC agents now are from badfic! There are probably some older agents who find the whole thing vaguely unclean, but as this isn't a democracy, they can be ignored.

Any thoughts?


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