Subject: Prejudice? In my PPC? Nooooooo!
Posted on: 2022-05-06 13:44:35 UTC

I do think there's one element that pokes a bit of a whole in this theory: if World One residents see themselves as the most equal citizens, and gain social advantage from being perceived as such, why do so many of them go under bizarre aliases within HQ? Sam Apple, Dassie Hyrax, Dour K and that whole naming convention . . . wouldn't goofy names like that feel more artificial and fictional, compared to common names from Earth cultures?

BUT to poke a hole in my own argument: Anya, Elizabeth and Osbert are pretty clearly using their real names. Maybe, as Makes-Things's portal system and the PPC's W1 recruitment measures began pulling more and more people out of World One, people who came to HQ realized it was fairly easy to get back to HQ and look up where anyone lived or worked. So then, as agent staff increased, more and more people started using pseudonyms to protect their identities back home. Which would also get exacerbated by the interdepartmental distrust and rumor-mongering . . .

BUT EVEN THEN, you would think more canon and badfic recruits would switch to "normal" Earth names, rather than come up with "Dafydd" or whatnot.

—doctorlit may have lost the thread of this post somewhere

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