Subject: Sergio can probably explain better, but . . .
Posted on: 2022-05-06 04:03:04 UTC

. . . that canon character "Kerochan" who gets mentioned in this mission is a little teddy bear/cat spirit that floats around and guides Sakura while she tries to gather all the Clow cards. At some plot important point in the story, Kerochan is able to revert to his true form, a full-size big cat thing. Since the replacement Sakura and Syaoran have morphed Kerochan's "species," when they get knocked out, they revert to weaker forms, modeled after Kerochan's little doll form.

Super nerdy bonus discussion: would reverting in and out of that doll form reset their morph time count, the way Cassie metamorphosing from chrysalis to butterfly did? Those guardian spirit things probably don't have DNA in the first place, as was discussed in the mission. But I don't think butterfly DNA changes between their life stages, so the magic transformation wouldn't necessarily be that different from metamorphosis, as far as the morphing power is concerned.

— doctorlit only watched Cardcaptors, the 4Kids English dub of Cardcaptor Sakura, and Sergio says it's not very faithful to the original Japanese series

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