Subject: Is Sam from World One?
Posted on: 2022-05-06 15:30:53 UTC

Is Sam human? Is Sam under an alias? So many questions! :D

In any case, Dassie Hyrax is his real name, and he's from an unspecified fantasy 'verse. (And of course, Dafydd himself is using his human alias from his fic of origin - which happens to be a very nice Welsh name, thank you very much. -_-)

But in general, yes: those counterexamples are exactly the sort of evidence needed to put the theory to rest. PPC-wide prejudice is probably not a thing, even in 1999; and while badfic recruits, particularly former Suvians, probably do meet with prejudice, this is recognised by everyone involved, not something brushed under the table. (The DIA probably has to deal with it somehow. The DIS did too, and given that most of them are from fictional worlds I bet they were rough on the perpetrators - "in the name of equality"!)

(Which is a classic "get off my side, you make my side look sociopathic" scenario, tbh.)


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