Subject: Ebony is da best, ok!1111
Posted on: 2022-05-08 01:53:27 UTC

Hi Im Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way and Im nut a Maru Sue!111 One day while I was wearinf white foundation wif black lipstick and a red corset that said mcr on it (AN: If u dont kno hu dey r den [CENSORED] of!111) and a black leather miniskirt with pentagrams on it. I look just like Amy Lee (if u dnt kno hr denj ur a prep) and then I was in a fancy efface where this big red flower was.

"OMFS!!" I said. [That's "Orange Mints Fight Staleness."] "What the [BLEEP] am i doing here?"

"Ur here bcoz ur a Marie Sue!!" said a pnik flower. What a preppy color! N den...I atack the flower because it's a prep. But It doesn't have any blood!!!"

What will happed next?

((And...that's my imitation of My Immortal. Yes, "Mary Sue" itself is misspelled.))

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