Subject: I nominate a few:
Posted on: 2022-05-03 00:59:57 UTC

Saibankannokami Takara Kishimoto a.k.a. Bakara a.k.a. my all-times holder of the title of worst Sue ever in the Touken Ranbu fandom. She wins this title through sheer unlikability and implausibility; in short, she's incredibly abusive and tyrannical and has her abhorrent behavior excused as "tsundere", and is the granddaughter of a historical figure who's supposed to be dead 3 centuries before she was born. The four-part mission to this fic will tell you all you need to know.

Danisha Wood, the alleged heroine of the classic Back to the Frollo and its sequels and spin-offs. She's a 20th-century African-American teacher who goes back in time to medieval France and falls in love with the Disney version of Claude Frollo, who is portrayed as a promiscuous sex symbol with a harem in this fic. Highlights of Danisha's ugliness include forcing modern American culture on medieval Parisians, demonizing and assaulting Esmeralda for not submitting to Frollo, and being overtly racist against the Romani despite being unsubtle and obnoxious about her pride in her blackness.

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