Subject: I think you're right
Posted on: 2022-05-05 11:42:33 UTC

Yes, it does seem that My Immortal is a trollfic, and if it is, one of the best. I mean, how do you turn Hedwig into a "goff" male human living in the 1980s in love with Voldemort (AKA Tom Bombadil) and not be trolling? It's too ridiculous not to be.The fact that it's not a proven troll just makes it all the better. I say this because I know a lot about My Immortal - in fact, I'm the top contributor to its wiki.

Rose Potter does seem horrible, from what I read of your missions. Just...ugh. But if you want, you could role-play as her in my Sue-Off roleplay.

And yay, Iximaz! Good to see you. I love reading your Aviator and Zeb (especially Zeb) stories and really, I cannot wait for the My Immortal mission!

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