Subject: There was this one Degrassi fanfic...
Posted on: 2022-05-06 21:54:08 UTC

The main character was a Sue (obviously) and was in love with Eli (for those not in the know, think dark, sort of emo dude with a few emotional issues. In other words, ideal Sue lust object!), and they were both in college and parents of toddlers. The beginning is mostly just both of them being worried about their kids getting too attached, which they were right to worry about because as soon as the kids met Sue/Eli, they started calling them 'Mommy'/'Daddy.' Now, I'll admit that I'm not the biggest fan of kidfics already, but this kind of stuff really annoys me so I was ready to keep spite-reading.

Then, in true Degrassi/soap opera fanfiction, it turned out that Sue's child was actually a twin, and Stalker behavior, abusive ex-partners, child kidnapping Then, after all that, they find out that Eli had a twin brother, and his 'son' was actually his nephew because his (now dead) ex-girlfriend had gotten into a fight with him, slept with the twin brother, and then didn't tell anyone about the mysterious stranger with her boyfriend's face.

Thankfully, the title of this fic has been erased by time, so I am not tempted to torture myself all over again by reading it to fact check any of this. I think Sue's name might've been something like Angel, but I'm not sure.

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