Subject: I got a favourite fic and a least favourite fic
Posted on: 2022-05-05 15:23:37 UTC

My least favourite would be You'll See (NSFW)

If I recall correctly, the fic stars a Sue who started out as someone who was brainwashed by Eggman into believing she was his niece, despite said Sue being a hedgehog. The prose is rather beige and the dialogue came across as talking heads to me when I first read it.

I name it my least favourite because this fic contrives ways to keep this cycle of her getting kidnapped then tortured (for nonsensical and OOC reasons), then rescued by her prince charming Shadow, and I'm like, "geez, get new material!". To be fair, the cycle did end when she died near the end of the fic.

My favourite badfic so far would be Shada The Hedgehog new beginnings (NSFW, NSFB)

The canons in the fic are OOC, the OCs are dumb, there are hybrids of species that can't reproduce with each other, there's terrible SPaG, and a seemingly non-existant plot, but the bad spelling and the all-caps make it funny imo.

Oh yeah, one chapter attempted to have characters talk like little kids by inserting random w's in front of words like here:

"Mommy can she play boys wstuff like wction wigures?"


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