Subject: My Nomination:
Posted on: 2022-05-04 16:23:53 UTC

As outlined here, the worst fanfiction Stu I ever encountered directly was likely Rick Evans, who has every Gary Stu trait cranked up to eleven. He's genuinely textbook Stu.

Every woman wants him, and loves his presence. Men simply shrink away, cease existing, or only passively bask in his glory. The only thing ever spoken about is Rick, the only thing people ever think of is him. He's arrogant, entitled, violent, egotistical, and insecure beyond belief, but everyone constantly praises how kind and charming he is. He has the power of all the powers and, from my memory, was never even injured in a fight.

The story focuses so much on Rick that none of the other characters even exist beyond token mentions.

There's some other things I'd consider, but none strike me as much as this one.

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