Subject: Hmmm... (BL 10 (possibly) and bl 12 (definetly) on the blacklist)
Posted on: 2022-05-03 10:57:46 UTC

It has to be one badfic with a title that is, well, does exactly what it says. It's called "Pbql'f zcert ovegu" (rot13'd) and it basically delivers that.

Warning for the blacklist items coming into play.

Cont., with added bl3

So yeah.

Oh! I nearly forgot! The grammar is poor. The entire text has two paragraph breaks. Two. It's a text wall otherwise. Several characters speak one another's lines. It annoying, even without the content.

I tried nominating it for Bleepfic earlier, but that fell through.

It's horrible. It haunts my dreams sometines.


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