Subject: Hm, that's odd.
Posted on: 2022-05-03 14:17:23 UTC

Just to clarify, is it just the one TOS mission that won't load, or anything on Neocities at all? And, is this a school computer, a home computer...? Do you have restrictions on what you can access?

For fic-hosting, it kind of depends on how much you want to put into it. I like Neocities because it lets me write my own HTML/CSS, and I like having that level of control over how my site looks and functions. For other people, that's way too much effort, but if you still want your own website rather than using AO3 or something, there are plenty of template-builder options. Tripod isn't bad; at least, it's been stable over the last couple decades, and not inclined to delete sites at random as far as I know. (I used to use them, but they stopped supporting the custom HTML site-builder and went with templates.)

There are also blog sites like Wordpress; I think a few people around here have used that. Dreamwidth is all right, too, though it's mainly designed for journaling, so you may run into character limits and other formatting restrictions.

Re. the BRN dramatic reading, I think you might mean Aegis? Huinesoron wasn't involved. {= )


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