Subject: Ohboy.
Posted on: 2022-05-03 02:10:46 UTC

Three jump out to me, personally. All are NSFW, and two are definitely Bleepfic. The third is, to quote Nesh, "boring dubcon" but IMO it's worse than some of the Legendaries.

Rise of the Drackens is a Harry Potter fic. Basically, Harry discovers that he is an endangered Dark creature called a Dracken, and Dumbledore is extremely accommodating. The problem is that Drackens get soulmates, and Harry's soulmates (Blaise Zabini, Draco Malfoy, and two OCs) spend most of their time emotionally abusing him (which is portrayed as True Love).

This is all pretty standard until we get to Dumbledore setting up a hotel for Harry's various suitors and an entire chapter dedicated to brutal torture of a random bit character by Harry's mates. If you feel like learning more without reading it, the fic has its own wiki.

THE RIGHT MATE AT THE WRONG TIME has been missioned, and the mission serves as a decent summary: Bill Weasley is a werewolf who decides Hermione is his mate, every other male character finds Hermione irresistible (including Remus Lupin), and there is a ton of Ron-bashing. What the mission didn't get into was the guardian angels who then have to be rendered helpless whenever they could actually do anything and the mascara-wearing Acromantula. I don't know, either.

In third place is Undercover Woes, a Transformers fic. Bulkhead and Sentinel Prime have to infiltrate a super-conservative religious farming cult in the middle of nowhere for some reason... and their cover is that they're a married couple, which works until people notice that they aren't having children. The summary doesn't sound bad, but the fic has a gift of describing everything juuuuust well enough to be horrifying when considering the source material.

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