Subject: That's weird… This ain't Paris… Where am I… Where's Claude?
Posted on: 2022-05-08 02:09:27 UTC

The time: HST 2022

The place: Some undefined location composed entirely of Generic Matter

The situation: Judge Claude Frollo's Post-Modern Nubian Goddess finds herself in an unknown place. Read on…

That's weird… This ain't Paris… Where am I… Where's Claude?

The healthily plump and curvy New World lady of luscious dark caramel brown sugar wild honey molasses skin looked warily around, mind lost in an ellipsis-ridden internal monologue. If everything went according to plan, she would be in 14th-century Paris, shashaying through the streets in anachronistic skanky clothing, feeding modern American food to a medieval Frenchman, then embarking on a night of love and passion with a pious man whose religious code forbade him from having sex. Instead, she landed in this unknown place, surrounded by a crowd that put the wildest Festival of Fools to shame.

Whatever happened, she must get out of here and into the arms of her beloved Judge Claude Frollo.

((And that's my attempt at recapping everything wrong with "Claude & Me" fics in one post. The whole "time & place" beginning bit shows up a lot in the oneshots, particularly the NSFW ones))

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