Subject: Update: Welp, I'm scarred for life. {X' D
Posted on: 2022-05-11 03:35:32 UTC

I finished reading chapter 2. I have now read something I truly believed no one would ever write, and I must share my pain. But be warned, this is NSFW and very NSFB. Do not unspoiler this if you're unprepared for cis male anatomy, strangely colored bodily fluids, traumatic alien childbirth, or a truly astonishing combination of the three.

I mean it, this is big anatomy fail and big squick.

No. I don't care if John isn't technically a human; even if he were a frelling hyena, this would not work! He was described as being big enough to waddle, dammit! (And don't even get me started on the gestation timeline.) NO! Bad! No biscuit!

And the grammar is atrocious. }= <

And also, I still have no idea why anything in this story is happening. I'll let you know if I find out! {= D


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