Subject: Update 2: Okay, calling it now, there is some Chosen One BS here.
Posted on: 2022-05-13 01:13:33 UTC

I actually called it a couple nights ago in Discord, but I just read this:

This piqued Chiana's interest as she followed orders. "Hey Helie, what is this Divine One?"

Helie's laugh once again erupted. "Oh that, he is supposedly a bright being of light and energy that guides our destiny among the stars. Loves all, and watches over those who die. They believe that one day he will rise up among his people again after his flesh has burned away by the love our Goddess. This will make him immortal again, and restore the balance that was long ago upset."

Frell it to hezmana, I knew it. It's John. John is the Divine One.

Technically I don't know this yet, but look, John has supposedly died after being put through some sort of mystical trial where he had to listen to dead people from his past talk at him, and Jack (the Ancient) was involved, and so was the spirit of Zhaan (representing the Goddess no doubt), and this is 100% a thing that is happening.

I hate it. So much.


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