Subject: Funnily enough...
Posted on: 2022-05-12 05:17:47 UTC

...I actually do have something similar planned! It just hasn't shown up yet. I've also played around a little bit with translator settings, having some languages translated but not others (for example: the Calaquendi agents have theirs set so they hear everything translated into Sindarin, but the only language that gets translated in return is also Sindarin, unless someone has Quenya translation turned on on their end; Dawn, upon rescuing the Elfling who becomes Lainduilien with Zeb, has to switch her translator output to include Sindarin so the child can understand her; things like that). I'm not sure how much of the Calaquendi version has shown up yet, since as far as I remember a lot of the writing for them hasn't been posted (yet), but Dawn's version has shown up, at least.

Overall, though, there's room for a lot of different takes. It's a fascinating concept, and with all the little differences between spin-offs and even just translation options, as you pointed out...there's a lot of space to play around in here.


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