Subject: Putting this idea onto the Board, too:
Posted on: 2022-05-13 00:28:32 UTC

Apparently the French government runs an English-language teaching assistant job in New Caledonia. Based on the job description, it's literally the same as my current job in Japan. There's also some private schools in Noumea that teach English.

This leads me to the idea of some random World One recent graduate who wants to teach English as a foreign language in a different country signing on to teach English in New Caledonia and ending up, somehow, with a job at Digory Kirke or Paul Atreides teaching EFL to kids and agents from non-English-speaking continua. They probably don't have a UT fitted, so they'll be befuddled at their students understanding them perfectly but still responding in Sindarin or Klingon or Middle Chinese. The EFL course for agents would be aimed at helping them take down grammar-related charges, write cogent chargelists and mission reports, and read the Words (presuming, ofc, that the UT in use doesn't translate text, only speech). For kids, it would probably be closer to the standard EFL classroom experience with grammar points being hidden in games and conversation activities.

So yeah, if anyone's got agents who are not from an English-speaking continuum, this could be an interesting aspect of their backstory or just some ongoing character detail/gag. Imagine some, idk, Wookie agent pulling out their EFL homework in the middle of a mission or practicing reading the Words!

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