Subject: Probably a trollfic! (Another HP one)
Posted on: 2022-05-12 17:46:25 UTC

Here it is. Basically: Harry’s stereotypical Southerner (who is a hateful Mary Sue) younger sister goes to Hogwarts. SPaG? Very, very bad. The version I could find is short, but it has its own TvTropes page. And here is an MST of the whole thing. The Sue hates "blaks, gaes, and Nurtherners". Sigh. I also found this “Sue profile”. By the troll author of “Da Ovy Coveered Wlls ov Hugwrts”, even.

Warning: this Sue is toxic. She seems to hate anyone who isn't like her. And she spawns an incredible amount of Mini-Sues and Mini-Aragogs. I really hope this is a trollfic and that this person isn't real.

Does anyone want this garbage?

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