Subject: I think I gotta claim it myself.
Posted on: 2022-05-12 20:12:56 UTC

I don't know when I might get around to it (many things on the backburner already), but I have a plan, which is to shamelessly snurch Agent Taboo of the MPreg Division and have her tap Agent Ilraen as a canon expert. Ilraen will have watched Farscape offscreen by now and he won't be so traumatized by the fic as to be totally useless, unlike certain Supernumeraries I could name. I think I can vibe with that pairing.

The fic is confusing enough that it could legitimately make a WhatThe mission, though, and Scapegrace is actually one of the few other Boarders I know of familiar with the canon, so I wouldn't rule that out if Scape were interested—but one of the things on my backburner is actually a stalled co-write with her, so, uh, yeah. ^_^; (To be clear, I'm not blaming her; we both have other stuff going on; it's okay; we'll get around to it when we get around to it.)

Either way, don't expect anything any time soon, but I do want to make this a thing. There's a character I want to recruit and a dumb Babylon 5 joke I want to make, and that's plenty of reason for me!


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