Subject: Noman Reacts (New Thread)
Posted on: 2022-05-19 22:31:41 UTC

"Gone?" Noman asked, his yellow eye seeming unusually mechanical and distant today.

"Gone, all of 'em," Winfrey said through a tight beak, clicking a few buttons on the console, "in canon, in fanfic, even here."

"We don't have any real Sues here?" Noman wondered.

"Anything. All of it. Reformed Sues, Canon Sues, Reboot Sues, they just disappeared last night."

"Wh-what?!" Noman asked, "isn't this-"

"Amazing!?" Winfrey cheered, "Look! I go now, and Star Wars Episode Seven isn't trash! There's Han, Luke, and Leia all together! There's something amazing! I flip now, look, Edward Cullen actually has some serious issues that are acknowledged! It's a miracle! Good media! Nothing but! It's a miracle!"

"B-but..." Noman trailed off, holding a finger up, "...what about us, Winfrey?"

Winfrey's cheering stopped suddenly at Noman's question, and she turned to face him fully.

"Huh? Well, we're fine. We have-"

"No, Winfrey. What about us? What do we do now?"

"We celebrate!" Winfrey blurted, smiling and trying to get back into the triumphant mood.

"And then what?"

"I... uh... I don't know?" Winfrey asked, getting up from the Console and brushing herself off, "I think the SO would know. If anyone'd know, he'd probably know, right? Hey, Noman, get back here!"

Noman made it to the door and pulled hard, straining. His strength was still limited, and the door went nowhere. While Winfrey walked to him, Noman sat on the floor and started to think.

He was a PPC Agent. That was his duty, his sacred task, what his partner had... given everything for, Noman corrected his mind. What was he? What was he without an enemy, a target? Final victory seemed like the horizon - always there and to be marched towards, but never to be reached.

Now what?

Now what would he do? Noman asked himself. Now what was he? He'd built his whole life on being a DMS Agent. Now there was no DMS anymore.

Was this emotion he was feeling, what was it? Was it... fear?

"Noman?" Winfrey asked, kneeling next to him, "you okay?"

"N-no, Winfrey... I don't feel so good..."

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