Subject: Christianne Shieh was not having a good day.
Posted on: 2022-05-23 22:46:57 UTC

What should have been a fairly normal morning taking John and Muriel to the park had ended with her looking away at exactly the wrong time and subsequently paying the price.

"There's got to be a way to get her back," John grumbled for the umpteenth time as he followed Christianne and Eledhwen down Rue Anya towards the Parc Tolkien door to HQ. "If you'd let me try, maybe --"

"No," snapped Christianne, dialling Bill and Lori again. "You heard the scientists. All the Sues and badfic rescues are gone. You're on thin ice as it is."

"You're lucky I recently got personality dialysis again, huh?" John crossed his arms. "But why'd it have to take Muriel? She wasn't a Sue, she just came from one."

"Whoever did this wasn't very careful, were they?" countered Christianne. The call went to voicemail. "Ugh! Bill's not picking up anymore!"

Up ahead, the pavement was crowded with people clamouring for information, interspersed with crackles of static from a radio. "New Cal DIA officers give me the creeps," muttered Christianne as they approached. Eledhwen patted her arm.

"Perhaps they will know something else we do not know?" she wondered.

"I doubt it," said Christianne, "but here goes, anyway." She shoved her way past a couple of people until she saw Corporal Perkins and Officer Maywell. "Oi! What's going on?"

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