Subject: I just kinda imagined it as "deleting a sim," but without "forgetting their existence."
Posted on: 2022-05-16 17:36:10 UTC

AKA about as mess-free and stupid of a solution as could be :) /joking.

They aren't from badfic, so it makes sense that they don't disappear (which, very small side note: What happens to goodfic that had Sues getting defeated? I need to figure that out.), but, in my mind, it wouldn't make sense for their species to disappear. It would be like the death of a parent rather than the ret-gone (is that the right term?) of a person... similar to deleting a Sim without said Sim memories being deleted.

The species won't disappear unless it is Suvian in nature (like, a Sue was the last woodelf on Middle Earth, gets recruited, has a half woodelf child), then that part would probably revert to human.

Additional thing: What happens to canon Sues? David, do you even think before you speak? You could've shpxed up several canons.


O'Ryan looked through his bookshelf for a book. He was bored; might as well brush up on his canons.

"Hmm, da-da, nah, not Animal Farm. Is there badfic in AF? Maybe. Da-daaa- wait." His hand hovered. "Where the uryy did all of my House of Night books go?"

"Why are you cursing in rot?" Kitty mumbled, stretching out on her bed.

"My House of Night series is gone," O'Ryan muttered. "It was cool, too! I had gotten some material to bind old books in their canon materials, so I bound them all in sone black fabric from the vampire school." He crossed his arms. "And now they're gone!"

"Well, I still have my copy of Marked," Kitty said, grabbing the book. She opened to the first page.

Instead of blankness greeting her, big, angry red letters spelled out HAS NO ATTACHED UNIVERSE.

"Huh," she replied. "I guess that sort of thing happens." She looked up from the book. "I guess that universe is now gone."

"Which explains the lack of fabric," O'Ryan muttered. "Well shpx."

Whelp, HoN is gone, as well as series with canon Sues in the front (Twilight, the whole Eragon series...). I guess that happens when you wish away all Sues.


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