Subject: Excuse you very much!
Posted on: 2022-05-13 21:03:28 UTC

"Return"? We never went away! We've been out here creating quality journalism since Day One!

On and off.

All right, a few missions got in the way. And that whole thing with enormous germs invading HQ, which I still think is too ridiculous to be true.

Breeze, you literally watched it happen.

Could've been a mass hallucination. Hey, we haven't run a mass hallucination story in a while! Did you hear Agent Suicide was seen running naked through the halls outside the DBS?

Um... no?

Me neither! But I bet if we ask around we'll find someone who did. To the Respectablejournalismmobile!

~Starwind Rohana

- Estelnar Celebduin (editors, REAL Multiverse Monitor)

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