Subject: A story!
Posted on: 2022-05-12 15:39:49 UTC

Let's see what our very first response was!

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Ah, it seems we had a chronological aberration. Headquarters Time is a lot like a pretzel that was thrown into a river, in that it's all soggy and twisted around. We were of the opinion that the Multiverse Monitor hadn't existed for five hundred thousand years. Or five minutes. Or both.

We will call ourselves the Gossip Monitor (The Finest In Yellow Journalism) henceforth to prevent any lawsuits or inconvenience to your business.

Gossip Monitor (The Finest In Yellow Journalism)

The Gossip Monitor is not liable for any libel suits, flamethrower attacks, wedgies, or other discomforts suffered as a consequence of sending stories to us. Please contact Archivist Sarkan if you wish to be published. He can be found if you look for him.

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