Subject: ((The New Multiverse Monitor have some questions!))
Posted on: 2021-08-27 06:12:25 UTC

“I don’t like it,” said Nita Incog, co-editor-in-chief of the New Multiverse Monitor. “All of our years of crafting a reputation for actual decent news and journalistic integrity at Headquarters, and you want to squander it all on clickbait videos?”

“It’s not clickbait if he’ll actually be reading and answering the questions,” Anon E. Maus, her fellow co-editor-in-chief, pointed out cheerily. “Besides, times are changing, and we’ve gotta change with it! The future of media is on the internet! That’s why we have a TikTok now!”

“We have a what?!” demanded Nita, feeling the beginnings of a headache.

“A TikTok!” Anon grinned from ear to ear, pulling up the relevant channel on his tablet. A series of short videos showed up: various newsbytes of Headquarters goings-on, commentary clips and reactions from the Monitor’s staff, even a cover of a bunch of agents singing the PPC Wellerman in very bad four-part harmony—

“That’s enough,” said Nita, pushing the phone away. “I can’t believe that that’s what you’ve been up to instead of working on our perfectly sensible news magazine.”

“Which one of us agreed to serialise Lux and Tahira’s collaboration manga about Jacques Bonnefoy and that Chinese wizard man again?”

Nita gasped. “I’ll have you know that ‘Bonnefoy’s Little Crush’ is a tour de force of visual storytelling,” she declared, “and thus very worthy of a feature in our humble publication.”

“I still don’t know why you refuse to bring back Page Three,” grumbled Anon.

“You would rather we run around catching illicit photographs of various ‘hott’ agents in states of undress,” stated Nita flatly, “than serialise a BL manga about Agents Bonnefoy and Wei that they actually approved.”

Anon shrugged. “What’s life without a little excitement?”

Nita rolled her eyes. “Whatever.” A loud keening whimper of a theremin began to float out of the Who Do You Think You Are, Apollo? Auditorium doors. “There he goes. You have your…” she grimaced, “TikTok ready for this?”

“Naturally,” replied Anon, producing a camcorder from his bag. “Let’s go.”

((Coming soon to an RP near you: The Ellimist Reads Frequently Googled Questions About the Ellimist!))

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