Subject: I have crafted an absolute horror of a Narnia crackfic.
Posted on: 2021-08-12 12:35:16 UTC

Do you have an email you're comfortable giving so I can share this to you? Or shall I just post it here so everyone can tremble at the deranged crack I have produced?

As for gay!Edmund, you say there's no basis for assuming that, but there's no basis for assuming he's straight either. There's a major dearth of any romantic content in Narnia, other than, like, the beavers being married. ("Straight as a log," as beavers might say.) That means that most characters can have any sexuality mapped onto them in fanfic without fundamentally changing their characterization—especially since the protagonists are by-and-large too young to be expressing any such feelings during their respective page time, anyway. So Edmund growing up and learning he's gay wouldn't make him any less Edmund, but it might help some queer fanfic writers and readers connect with him in an even deeper way than they did while reading him in canon.

—doctorlit, coming up with sapient beaver slang this morning, apparently

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