Subject: ((I can't complain, I'm the one who referenced the prequels to begin with!))
Posted on: 2021-08-23 21:24:41 UTC

((Right, the mission. Claire, if you're reading this, did you want to get the ball rolling there, or leave it to Tash skulking outside the RC to start?))

((Adaptations, hS? Why not go for the original Jadis?))

((Ooooh crap, no. Sand explosion is too good to lose. Tomash, may I present the following edit?))

Just as the crowd was beginning to murmur their disquieted reactions to each other, the sand on the stage and in the three remaining sand figures blasted outwards, coating the nearest seating levels in grey and increasing the level of alarm among the audience.

And Tash was gone.

Her question, however, did not go unanswered. From near the back of the crowd, Estril-and-Julian called out, with one voice that nevertheless gave the distinct impression of belonging to two people at once, "Fairest and Fallen, greetings and defiance!"

And Tash was back, instantly reforming from the sand in the same place she had stood before. She had not expected "defiance."

—doctorlit, refusing to surrender his one allotted sand explosion for the year

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