Subject: Interview with Lucian
Posted on: 2021-08-04 14:58:01 UTC

The day after Party in the Parc, one of our lovely interviewers caught up with Lucian, a self proclaimed "Dark God," discussing a matter with Ms. Natalie Green.

Excuse me, Lucian? Could I talk to you for a moment?

Sure. Natalie, I'll talk some more later, okay?

Natalie left, allowing our interviewer to interview the Dark God herself.

How do you feel about being here at the PPC?

Odd. I'm closer to the Upper Layer than I think I should be. This world is weird, half what I remember, half not.

How did it feel to find out that you were Lucian?

Weird? I mean, I had just joined the PPC almost two months ago and haven't even gotten used to it yet. I had just completed my first mission as well. But, now I'm... er, I know I'm Lucian and I thought I would never get this far.

What were you before you be-, I mean, learned that you were Lucian?

Just... Kittyauthor. A former Mii turned human. A decent swordfighter.


Yeah. I apparently came from this game called Find Mii, where I had to help rescue Whitney. It's, uh, a long story.

So, you were a Mii?

Yeah. But whatever brought me here changed me into a human.

How does it feel to be six feet tall?

laughs A little weird. I'm almost as tall as O'Ryan! Well, kinda sorta almost. He's still six inches taller.

What were you doing before you found out you were Lucian?

Walking. Listening to music.

Did you have a destination in mind?


What did it feel like to learn that you were Lucian?

Weird. It felt... awesome, true, like I could touch the stars if I wanted to... but weird. Especially with the Power running through me now.

Does the Power have anything to do with the "Upper Layer" you mentioned?

Yeah. The Upper Layer is were my power originates, actually.

How do you feel about the other Gods?

I dunno. I'm a loner by nature, so I tend to avoid them.

Do you exclude O'Ryan Keys from your activities more now that you know you're Lucian?

Actually... no. I think we've grow closer together. He's my friend, he helps me through the PPC, especially now since I have all these memories. She laughs. Although I normal don't mess with mortals, but when exiled, I kinda got used to it.

Do you have anything motivating to say to your followers?

I have followers?


Huh. Well, I guess believe in what you think is right and follow that belief.

Alright then. Thank you for this interview.

Had to include the "I have followers?" because Lucian thought she was just alone in the world. She likes the idea, sure, but she just thought that, since she didn't often talk to the other gods since schoolwork kept me away from the RP oops that no one would really know her.

-kA, who wrote this as soon as possible and might draw up a profile or an advertisement later.

(PS: Still have to draw Lucian, dang it.)

(Edit: Forgot to include event name because I'm silly. Fixed!)

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