Subject: The Ellimist shook his head at Estril's remark. "No, not really."
Posted on: 2021-09-12 05:42:05 UTC

"Time is always branching, and everyone's branches get mixed up with everyone else's, and they make a certain pattern. That's no different here than anywhere else. It's like..." He paused, thinking, then reached into the pocket of his robe and took out a glowing blue cube. He tossed it gently into the air, and there it hovered, slowly rotating just above head-height. Its light wavered, taking on the limpid form of innumerable glinting strands of light, all weaving and flowing together.

"If a timeline is like a stream," said the Ellimist, gesturing to the image before him, "and making a choice is like tossing something into it, most choices are like little pebbles." He flicked his fingers, imitating the act, and a light-mote leaped into the light-stream with barely a splash. "Little pebbles make little ripples, and they don't make much difference to where the stream goes. But, if a whole lot of people throw a whole lot of stuff in the same place, it can turn a stream—and sometimes, somebody gets a chance to throw a big rock." He rolled a softball of light between his hands and dropped it. The stream split unevenly around the rock, and the larger branch bent in a new direction while the smaller continued on its original path, but faded into irrelevance.

"My power," he said, meeting Tash's eyes, "the kind of power we both have, feels like a very big rock. So we have to be careful how we put it in."

(( He's going to be very annoyed when he finds out that some people interpreted his concert(s) as "YOLO!!!" {; P

(( Just to head off a couple of potential questions, 1. No, it's not THAT blue cube, and 2. It's not even a real object. If anyone *coughTashcough* tries to take it, it'll just vanish, taking the whole light show with it. ^_~

~Neshomeh did not deliberately choose a water metaphor to contrast with Tash's desert theme, but there it is! ))

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