Subject: "Ah, climactic fight. Okay, then," Tash said, rather blankly.
Posted on: 2021-08-26 05:24:02 UTC

Nothing happened for a moment.

Then smoke erupted all around Tash's body, pillaring straight up towards the ceiling. Its shape coalesced into a four-armed woman with the head of a vulture—the very same form of Tash that King Tirian's party saw entering the outskirts of Narnia.

"Thou failed to see reason," Tash grated out, and her voice was more raspy and inhuman than ever before. "Now thou will fall instead." Four great, smoky hands reached downwards, grasping for the two human bodies. "I am the Inexorable!"

—doctorlit, providing a dose of mood whiplash this evening

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