Subject: IC: Endings
Posted on: 2021-09-09 18:51:56 UTC

El-Ahrairah was dancing when the sun went dark.

I will miss you.

He stopped dead, quite startling the woman he was dancing with. The sudden lack of a partner to steady her sent her sprawling into a minibar, and she reappeared with several pretzels stuck to her face. The god didn't notice. The sun was going dark.

What do you mean?, he thought as he sprinted out of the room, the corridors a blur. What's happening?

Your time is ending, El-Ahrairah, said the blue eyes in his head, ice-cold and ancient. Your dance is done.

And who precisely are you to decide that? You have never told us a d*mned thing about who you really are! The sun was getting darker and the lights were going out, one by one, his children were disappearing and there was a sad old woman in his head.

I am your herald-

Then you are a "servant!" El-Ahrairah was running as fast as he could, his children vanishing from his sight with every beat of his heart. "And yet you serve none but yourself! You tell us we are gods for two years, and yet a month passes and you rip it away yourself! What, Ananke, O great inevitability, is the source of this? Was there perhaps some sort of clerical error? Did you deliver godhood to the wrong address?"

You will be silent!

"I will not!" More lights went out, more darkness, his legs were slowing and he couldn't feel with his feet properly. "You say one thing and do another! We were never anything to you! I was never-"


The First Rabbit loped round a corner, looking old, so old, and its eyes were wrong. El-Ahrairah stopped, panting, and bent to pick the rabbit up and found he couldn't straighten his back again, he felt like he was made of lead and he couldn't focus on anything beyond the glowing blue eyes in the First Rabbit's human face.

You will listen, now, El-Ahrairah, beloved of Frith, beloved of me. I am your humble servant. I love you as I always have, perhaps cooler than your vivacity but no less keenly felt. Your presence in the cycle is a blessing. You bring such life. You sing without voice. You run, and change is ever in your wake, and I am always sad when you depart. The Rabbit's eyes were blue, so very blue, and its face was old, and its voice was soft and breaking. The sun was setting. There is much you can do. Much left undone. But when you return, and you will, you will do it again. You will keep me honest, and keep the mortal world in thrall to your passions. And you, I shall dearly miss.

There was a stick in El-Ahrairah's hand, and he knew it, and he knew what to do with it. With the last of his strength, he drew the sword, swung it hard-

But you... you were never a god.

Agamemnon's blade slashed through the empty air. He looked around him. DAS-SWEAR's airy corridors were all about. He was dressed well - immodestly, perhaps, but such was the present fashion. He was as he had been before the blue, blue eyes. He looked around him again.

The rabbit was gone.

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