Subject: Curious cat.
Posted on: 2021-08-18 14:31:14 UTC

Mmrrowl twitched his other ear in Stone's direction, a simple acknowledgement that he had seen what she said, and would get round to replying when he was good and ready. After a couple more seconds of washing, he stood back up and tipped his head to the side. "I have a question," the tilt indicated, and then, in a flick of his whiskers and a soft 'pprt,' he said, "I was wondering why?"

Keeping one eye on the Calico, he walked over to the wall and raised a paw, patting at the grey surface as if it were a door. As a sign for the two-legged agents of the PPC, it encapsulated both "the two-leggeds are all very excited by these songs" and "they are prone to giving things away for free," with a hint of "but they're weird anyway". Then, in the curve of his spine and a slight flex of his claws, he said, "But we are hunters. What we get, we keep. Why do you... share?"

From the ripple of his fur, that last was something of a dirty word.

((I have known many cats. Some have been flighty and skittish, some - only a few - have been friendly, and almost all have exuded self-confidence and self-reliance. Mmrrowl is drawing heavily on the latter: his point here is that, in his view, a cat with a good thing, for instance a magical song, would normally just keep it - unless, of course, they got something out of letting others enjoy it.

((Also I amuse myself by imagining that the patting of the door to be let out is just cat-sign for "oy, human!". ^_^))


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