Subject: A Stitch in Time (The Ellimist's Performance)
Posted on: 2021-08-26 03:54:47 UTC


The lights go down. When they return, all is blue: sky blue lighting the upturned faces of the audience, midnight blue skulking in the shadowed places, ocean blue flowing through the gaps in between; and onstage, the blueshift of time-space rapidly contracting to a single point.


The Ellimist has not always been there, but he is there now: a tall, thin figure with dark hair framing a long, solemn face, young and old at once. His long robe ripples as he raises his arms for quiet. The theremin is his instrument, and it is perfect for him. He sees the timestream flowing all around him, and when he reaches out to play upon it with his long, dexterous fingers, the theremin catches the movements and translates them into frequency and amplitude, waves his mortal audience can perceive. With his help, they may even begin to understand.



Time is precious.

Time passes.

Time waits for no one.

Time flies.

Time is of the essence.

Time heals all wounds?

Time will tell.


The time is now.

The Ellimist has seen Time and knows the infinitely branching possibilities it contains. He also knows there isn’t a moment to lose. Each person in the audience has choices before them, and those choices will create the texture of the Time to come. Will it be rough, or smooth? Will it be hard, or soft? Will it be shifting, or steady?

He strokes the air, and Time sings in both the ears and the hearts of all:

Choose love.

Choose life.

Choose now.

(( I would've liked to do this whole post in shades of blue, but the first paragraph took way too long by itself. {X D hS, please feel no obligation to replicate it. Though, if Gdocs will let you do a text color gradient without doing it a word or two at a time, doing that for the whole thing would be lovely. ^_^

~Neshomeh did a thing! ))

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