Subject: ((Ahahaha I love it. ^_^))
Posted on: 2021-09-10 09:33:10 UTC

I love the contrast that is El-Ahrairah - on the one hand he was one of the most playful gods, but on the other, he may have the deepest wells of anger too. Everything he feels seems to be close to the surface, and you've worked with that marvellously for his ending.

I also really like the way you integrated El-Ahrairah with Agamemnon. Many of the gods were either 'mortal self with a veneer of godhood' or 'the god with a different body', but you mixed the two into a brand new whole. It's been entirely fascinating to watch.

There were several grand plans laid during this event that didn't quite come to fruition, but the one I most regret is not getting to see more of the Anti-Divinity project. That's not a slight against you - it's the opposite, I wish there had been more because it was so entertaining! But working through the Board like this was always going to mean things trailed off; I am glad we got this End for him. (Though if you feel like/feel up to adding a brief Agamemnon-Algie aftermath scene, I'd be delighted to slip it into the archive!)

Thank you very much for taking part. :)


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