Subject: Cat-chasing? Cat-chasing!
Posted on: 2021-08-24 22:39:32 UTC

Stone dipped her head graciously. "You are always welcome at my performances- everyone is. Excuse me a moment?" Stone flicked her tail, politely (as difficult as that was, in Cat) indicating that she had someone else to speak to. She smiled at the newcomer, with the grace of both a feline and a god. Then twitched, jumped, and looked incredibly uncomfortable. "Ah... hello. What on earth is that bell? It seems like a piece of a god, or something? But I don't understand it at all." "Regardless. If either of you are curious, it is similar to a simple chasing game- except catching a cat means catching a secret with them. If you're interested, I could think of a few secrets to tell."

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