Subject: *tidies up the mini-Thing With All The Teeth*
Posted on: 2021-08-05 10:30:56 UTC

The NPCs are a Division, not a Department. Specifically, they're a division of Postal, on the basis that their remit is communications and also Otik wasn't in the room when they were deciding who got to deal with the Shallot. =]

I really should do something else with them. Especially with the ongoing subplot involving the Cube. Maybe I'll get the impetus after WicDivPPC gives them more to do and more people to interact with. Karen in particular needs more screen time. And hugs.

But yeah, reminder: the NPC Division is free to use if you want to put characters in it. The Shallot is also free to use, but why you'd want to inflict him on anyone I don't know. =]

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