Subject: The Ellimist was momentarily taken aback by Tash's withdrawal.
Posted on: 2021-08-28 17:41:11 UTC

He hadn't been sure he would get away with calling her on the carpet like that. "Er. Yeah. That's right," he muttered. In response to her question, though, his expression set once more into a self-assured frown. "No," he answered, "that would be meddling with the plot continua, and we're not allowed to do that."

At that point, Julian spoke. Mildly surprised and just a little crestfallen at being neither known nor thanked, the Ellimist blinked and turned to address him. "Hello. I'm the Ellimist. You, uh, don't recognize me?" He took in Rebecca with his glance. Maybe she knew who he was?

(( To be clear, he's thinking they might ought to know him from his own performance(s), not the Animorphs connection or anything else. I actually have no idea if the Yeerks in general have heard of the Ellimist.

(( If you need a reminder of his current appearance, I refer you to Issue 4: "Future Tense." {= )

~Neshomeh ))

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