Subject: IC: Codas ((content warning: mental breakdown))
Posted on: 2021-09-11 18:53:59 UTC

"He's back."

Lola looked up from her desk.

"He has come back, Commander."

"Algie, that - that's fantastic!" Lola leapt to her feet, and then stopped dead as her partner turned to face her. "It is, isn't it?"

"So it would seem. His spark of divinity, or delusion, or... whatever it was that changed him so utterly, is no more. And my son is returned."

Lola stepped forward, slowly, her hands empty, her arms apart. Nonthreatening. "Algie..."

"And so I get everything I wanted. No longer is Agamemnon condemned to die. No longer is his name condemned to be forgotten in service of some inscrutable leporine deity. Instead, he is once again Agamemnon. A fine young man. A keen student of all arts and sciences. Clever, without his father's pomposity. Handsome, without his mother's influences. A stout young fellow, through and through. The Earldom shall be in excellent hands once he accedes to it. I win."

Lola was a soldier. She was lean and wiry and muscled and trained. She was still five feet tall. Algie was barely more than that. She still felt smaller, so much smaller.

"I win, Commander! The day is carried! Blare trumpet, bang drum! Once more, fair England triumphs over the insidious invader's ill intent! The war is over and Agamemnon is made whole again! He has come back! Don't you see? The great and terrible irony? The starred and frightening revelation?"

"Algie, please, put it down-"


It was only burned-in instincts from the Long War that sent Lola diving for cover. She needn't have bothered. Algie's little pistol had been shaking like a tree in a gale, and the recoil from its shot sent it clattering to the ground, the Earl's grip failing him. He barely seemed to notice.

Lola burst forward and wrapped him up in an embrace that was part hug and part restraint, sending the gun skidding across the floor of the RC with a flick of her heel.


She tried not to listen to him, or look into his eyes, normally watery, but now ice-blue and terrifying in their clarity.


The Earl was still saying it, still screaming it, tears running down his face and dripping from his rictus grin, when the FicPsych personnel came to sedate him.

I hope this isn't too dark for the story you wanted to tell, hS, but it felt like a very natural endpoint for that subplot.

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