Subject: ((OOC: I've just updated the index page.))
Posted on: 2021-09-10 10:31:05 UTC

See ye here

All 14 current issues are listed, though the 4 ongoing parts aren't yet linked. I have published Special Edition, though, since there hasn't been any movement on that in a while.

A few archiving things: doc, I've gone ahead and split up the pieces of Tash's ending. The first three scenes are in "Rumours", "Let the Show Begin", and "Coarse and Unrefined"; the others will appear in "Curtain Call". I've also shuffled Tash's concert up to the 15th; there was a gap in the timeline there, and I don't think you'd timefixed it.

Neshomeh, similarly, I've put the Ellimist's performance in "Let the Show Begin". I've also had to write a one-line tag from the Ellimist to transition to doc's scene, which features the unseen Kord performance.

A few random things have been placed in "Special Edition" - I think Tomash and Lily both wrote scenes which could have led to RPs, but didn't, and had a media theme.

None of this means the event is over! I'd really like to see endings to Tash's and Stone's concert-RPs, and anyone else who wants to chip in with an ending (or even an interview for "Special Edition"), please, please do! I'm even happy to incorporate brand new RPs, or to pull things out from where they've been filed if people decide to expand them!

I don't know when I'll post the final scene, but given that we've had two endings written in the last 48 hours, it definitely won't be soon. :)


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