Subject: ((Oh, almost certainly!))
Posted on: 2021-08-05 08:00:56 UTC

But you have to remember that Yavanna is 13. He just about gets that he shouldn't try to play one of the adults, but he's definitely stealing Marius for himself. His view of the other gods is also coloured by what he's seen - hence he thinks of Lucian as 'young' because of how she introduced herself at the council.

A proper Pantheon Les Mis cast would probably look more like this:

Valjean: Gaia Javert: Tash The Bishop / Lead Chorus: Ellimist Fantine: Lucian Thenardier: Kord Mme. Thenardier: Stone Young Cosette: Meridia Marius: El-Ahrairah Cosette: Raven Queen Eponine: Lady Kee'ra Gavroche: Yavanna Enjolras: Mary Poppins

But even that's really subjective. The only real fixed points are Meridia and Yavanna as the two kids, and so of course Yavanna mucked that up.

hS, who has never acted in a musical

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