Subject: ((Tash cover art!))
Posted on: 2021-08-23 14:04:19 UTC

First off, I loved the performance. Though, be warned, there's probably an "... and it gets everywhere" joke coming in the logo circle, because. Sand. The archiving should be fine; I'm just gonna copy directly from your GDoc to mine. ^_^

Anyway, cover!

This cover may wind up swapping out; if the Tash mission goes ahead, I might need to switch it to that story. Basically depends on which one produces the best 'substitute for a god' for the cover; at the moment it's probably Jadis, since I can at least get a reference picture for her.*

*But would it be Disney or BBC Jadis? And would they even look different after I drew them?

This cover was originally earmarked for the finale, as a "The End" gag, but I already had an alternate lined up for that. ^_^


Edit: Putting together the archive version... I think the sand-explosion at the end of the performance has been knocked out of the timeline, which is a shame, because it was kind of cool. Let me know if you want me to put it back in somewhere in the RP section. ~hS

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