Subject: "Guys, guys." The Ellimist raised a hand for stillness.
Posted on: 2021-09-16 04:54:11 UTC

He couldn't help smiling at them for rallying behind him (or so it felt to his ego), but they hadn't quite gotten the message he'd showed up to give. "Tash isn't evil," he told Julian/Estril, "and she never said anything about obeying her," he added to Rebecca. "She didn't get to choose her job."

He could remember the time before Ananke opened his eyes, when he used to get so angry with his mother for telling him he couldn't do as he pleased. Talk about meddling! But it all seemed very distant now. Of course there had to be rules, and not just for silly little boys like the one he'd been.

He turned back to Tash. "The thing is, back when I was first inventing myself, I made a lot of mistakes." He prodded his "boulder" upstream with one finger, and the river rushed over and around it in a messy froth, only to find a completely different channel than before. "I'm more careful now because I know how bad things can get when I'm not. Even Crayak figured out that there was such a thing as going too far—and I'm not convinced he isn't a version of the Lone Power." He pulled a disgruntled face.

(( I'm not entirely clear on what Tash's deal is in canon, but if s/he's got "lawful prey" then I figure whoever made the law (the Emperor over the Sea?) is responsible.

(( Doc, what I was going for with the performance is something like "the time to choose life and love is now, because if you wait, you might find it's too late." I had Young Wizards on my mind when I wrote it—the language of the Wizard's Oath is very compatible with the Ellimist's philosophy in canon. {= )

(( That said, I'm very okay with people getting the wrong idea. hS explained to me that the sway the Wic+Div gods have with their music isn't mind-control, just good ol' fan mania, so it follows that people can have their own interpretations of the experience!

~Neshomeh ))

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