Subject: The Ellimist scowled at Tash some more. "I am not!"
Posted on: 2021-09-03 04:26:34 UTC

(( Continuing from this post below. ))

He could feel his face heating up. "And I was going to tell them you're not her, either, just so you know! You're welcome!"

He knew right away he'd messed up by letting Tash make him so angry. He was a god, and one of the nice ones, too; he wasn't supposed to act like this, especially not in front of regular people. The trouble was, Tash was striking close to home, maybe even more so than she realized. The Ellimist's future tangled up with his past and made the present extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing.

But he wouldn't let that show. He crossed his arms over his chest and stood there like he'd done exactly what he meant to do and tried to pretend he didn't care what Julian/Estril and Rebecca thought about it.

(( Oooh, Tash really wound him up! I find this amusing, so don't feel bad, doc. Character =/= author. ^_^

~Neshomeh enjoys writing an eleven-year-old with delusions of godhood. ))

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